18 (Scientifically Proven!) Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

18 (Scientifically Proven!) Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

Infrared sauna benefits are numerous and proven, but many people outside of the sauna scene still aren't aware of them. This is why we decided to write this list and support each point with explanations or proof, because we value our readers and - well, because we can support each point with explanations or proof.

For the unaware, an infrared sauna (also referred to as a far infrared sauna) uses heaters to emit infrared waves which penetrate our bodies. We then experience this as radiant heat, which is absorbed by the surface of our skin and activates our sweat glands.

When these far infrared waves collide with the water inside us all, the H2O molecules vibrate and kick-start some of the benefits you'll learn about below. This is partly why far infrared saunas are seen as more efficient than traditional saunas by some, which heat the body slower using more conventional methods of conduction and convection. However, peoples favourite type of sauna often comes down to just a matter of opinion.

Now, shall we find out more about these far infrared sauna benefits?

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1. Effectively Detoxify Your Body

This is one of the most popular reasons that people turn to the use of infrared saunas.

The thought of sweating out all the dirt and toxins in your body without having to move a muscle is appealing to many, I’m sure.

You’re right in thinking that all saunas make you sweat, but why choose an infrared sauna over any other?

With infrared saunas, you sweat a lot deeper which enables your body to release a higher level of toxins than your average sauna. Great for those who may not have the strongest immune system, or who simply want to eliminate the risk of getting sick.

All it takes is around 15-20 minutes a day to eliminate the risk of cold or flu illnesses.

This video from The Renegade Health Show offers more information about the detoxification process:

2. Maintain Your Mental Well-Being

When it comes to relaxing and maintaining a healthy state of mind, infrared saunas have been proven to do just that. For anyone to maintain a state of positive mental health, proven forms of relaxation are required.

The special form of light waves projected helps to penetrate the core of the body, which naturally promotes an overall healthy body and mind.

For those who are seeking alternative methods for treating anxiety and depression, infrared sauna therapy is an effective method of helping reduce symptoms to these conditions, according to Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

3. Feel and Look Good

It’s pretty straightforward that, because infrared saunas offer so many health benefits; you will naturally feel more positive and happier in yourself.

In terms of physical looks, many of those who have taken part in skin therapy programmes, with the use of infrared saunas, have noticed significant differences in skin purification and appear to look more youthful.

Although these are great added benefits, the most important advantages include protecting and maintaining your body whilst keeping you feeling happy and healthy - all of this thanks to the science behind far infrared saunas.

Even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston recommend the use of them.

4. Creates and Maintains Healthy Cells

Increasing energy at a cellular level is crucial to increasing your levels of immunity.

Whilst your body is being flushed of toxins, the increase in circulation allows cells to rise to the skins surface and help the muscle recovery process; while also contributing to a stronger immune system.

dr frank lipman quote

Dr. Frank Lipman

“Because the infrared’s radiant heat will stimulate circulation, rev up the production of white blood cells and rally your immune system’s response to invaders. 

All that action will make your body a much less hospitable environment for germs to grow - and a great place for them to die.”

5. Lower Your Blood Pressure

The number of people suffering from high blood pressure has more than doubled in the last 5 years. The options for a cost-effective, time-efficient and non-medical way of reducing blood pressure seem slim, right?


Regularly using an infrared sauna is incredibly effective at improving your blood pressure levels and your heart in general, along with decreasing the likelihood of heart disease, kidney disease or a stroke.

6. Improves Circulation

Imagine being able to give your body a beneficial, yet relaxing, workout every single day - too good to be true, right?

Wrong again.

The infrared rays heat up muscles in such a way that your blood flow increases, which replicates the effects of similar forms of cardio exercise.

Did you know?
infrared sauna health benefits

Your blood flow during infrared sauna use doubles from your normal rate of quarts per minute.

This video explains more about the circulatory benefits of infrared saunas:

7. Helps With Weight Loss

This is one of the main reasons why many people invest in an infrared sauna, and it’s true; they do contribute to burning calories and helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Of course, you can’t rely on only infrared saunas to lose weight, as the healthy life style must also follow. However, you’ll be happy to know that they are clinically proven to aid weight loss. We even put together an infographic comparing the weight loss to other sports.

Did you know that an average 150-pound man can burn more calories sitting in a sauna for 30 minutes than cycling or playing tennis for the same amount of time?

A study found in the journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine also found that sauna therapy produces significant changes in body weight within just two weeks of use.

Did you know?
infrared sauna health benefits

In just 30 minutes of infrared treatment, you can burn anywhere between 200 – 600 calories.

Robyn Openshaw i.e. GreenSmoothieGirl loves her infrared sauna, and here’s why...

8. Relieves Body Pain

Infrared sauna use has worked for many in terms of pain relief, for both short term injuries and long lasting chronic pain.

No need for endless amounts of pain killers and several doctors’ appointments, as the daily use an infrared sauna relieves tension and loosens muscles in to a relaxing state.

How does it work?

The far infrared heat rapidly penetrates your muscles and joints which increases the oxygen flow around the body, which helps in muscle healing and reducing soreness/spasms.

kelly primally inspired quote

Kelly, Primally Inspired

“I had my very first infrared sauna experience when I was living in Maryland about 5 years ago. I was involved in a car accident 10 years ago that left me with chronic, nagging, neck pain.

In those 10 years, I tried just about everything I could think of to end the chronic pain – physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, nutrition and herbal treatments, hydrotherapy, chiropractic care, and a lot more. And while most of those therapies did provide pain relief, the pain would always return just a few weeks later.

And then I visited a chiropractor in Maryland who was a firm believer in infrared saunas for chronic pain, inflammation, weight loss and detoxification. After my first session I was hooked.

Just three sessions a week for three months and my chronic neck pain was finally gone.”

Read the full story over on Primally Inspired.

9. Wound Healing

No matter how small or severe your wound is, the heating technology within infrared saunas has the ability to heal up wounds quickly with minimal signs of scarring.

This is completely unique and isn’t a feature of any other sauna.

It’s important to make the healing process quick and easy, as to avoid infection and lower the chance of leaving visible scars.

How does it work?

Well, it’s fairly similar to the pain relief process. The increase in oxygen circulation simply speeds up the healing process, along with the skin rejuvenating benefits of infrared sauna therapy.

This short video by Healing GrapeVine delves a little deeper in to the wound and skin healing process...

10. Oxygenation of Tissues

As mentioned previously, these types of saunas drastically improve your body’s circulation, and therefore the oxygen levels that travel around the body are increased also.

This helps in bringing higher levels of nutrients, hormones and other useful substances to your body tissue, contributing to an enhanced immune system and a huge reduction in radiation.

11. Cancer Fighting Traits

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that the majority of top hospitals and cancer treatment facilities around the world recommend the use of infrared sauna therapy, for recovering patients and for overall disease prevention.

How does it work?

Cancer cells die at a heat of 109 degrees. So, if you take part in a sauna therapy programme or use it regularly, cancer cells become weaker, tumour cells die out and of course, your immune system becomes notably stronger.

Find out the full cancer fighting benefits of infrared saunas in the video above with Dr. Sahni.

You may also remember this tweet that Lady Gaga made public, who joined one of her dancers who was suffering with breast cancer in a round of infrared sauna therapy.

12. Develops Human Growth Hormones

A range of studies show that infrared sauna use can increase our growth hormone by 60 times, which is great for those working in a physical profession or those who are looking to develop their bodies/stay in shape.

It’s also known to be good for those with diabetes, as it’s highly insulin sensitive.

13. Cardiovascular Exercise

Infrared saunas also offer the huge benefit of working your cardiovascular system, which is great for those who may not be able to physically exercise.

Did you know?
infrared saunas health benefits

One single sauna session has the same cardio benefits as a 6 to 9 mile run, according to The Journal of American Medical Assocation.

This type of cardiovascular training increases your heart and metabolic rates, whilst also detoxifying your body and relaxing yourself.


14. Improves Immune System

Each time you use an infrared sauna, the increase in body temperature, blood and oxygen flow all contribute to the production of white blood cells, which fight against infection and prevent disease.

How does it work?

People describe it as tricking your body in to thinking you have a fever. So, your body temperature increases and therefore triggers an immune system response and enables the body to fight and remove any viral bacteria.

15. Helps Remove Cellulite

This particular benefit goes hand in hand with the ability to lose weight using far infrared sauna therapy.

A combination of boosted blood circulation and heat penetration releases these fatty deposits through your sweat. Over time, you will begin to notice much firmer, youthful looking skin when regularly using a sauna or taking part in a therapy programme.

kimberly snyder quote

Kimberly Snyder, Nutritionist and Author.

“The deep penetration of infrared heat (versus a regular old sauna) can help mobilize heavy metals and toxins out of your fat cells, which can contribute to the appearance of cellulite.”

Read Kimberly's full experience here.

16. Improves Sleeping

Many sauna users have reported much deeper sleep after just a few sessions of treatment.

It’s pretty simple; the use of infrared saunas promotes relaxation through the release of endorphins, which are both factors that create a much deeper and enjoyable sleep.

17. Helps with Chronic Fatigue

A study was carried out some years ago in Japan that analysed two women who both suffered from chronic fatigue, and after a month of daily sauna therapy, many symptoms including pain, sleep disturbance and low-grade fever were drastically improved.

You can view the full government study here.

18. Relieves Stress

Amongst all the great far infrared sauna benefits, a particularly important one is the ability to relieve stress.

As we know, high stress levels can be a major health risk in a number of ways, whilst contributing to a wide range of diseases and chronic health conditions.

So, by relaxing your muscles, enhancing circulation and allowing your endorphins to be released, infrared sauna therapy reduces stress levels drastically whilst developing a greater sense of happiness and well being.