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Oils And Scents

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Oils And Scents

Invigorating Sauna Fragrances

Essential oils are the perfect way to elevate your sauna experience. Part of the extensive range of sauna accessories stocked by UK Saunas, our oils are perfect for aromatherapy and wellness, and can easily be placed into a diffuser for the perfect sauna session.

In addition to oils and scents, we also stock a range of Rento Sauna scents. These are as follows:

The Rento Sauna scent range was created for use in a traditional Finnish sauna - and resultantly works great in our UK-manufactured models! These scents can be added to your home sauna by using a ladle to pour the scent over your sauna stones. In turn, this will diffuse these beautiful scents throughout your sauna cabin.

For infrared saunas, it is best to use essential oils in a diffuser for the ultimate sauna fragrance, as pouring liquid (such as the Rento Sauna scent) on your infrared sauna heaters may damage them.

For any enquiries, you can contact our helpful team at 01302 723142. We operate as a one-stop shop for everything related to home saunas and will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Relaxing Aromatherapy

Oils and scents stocked by UK Saunas for an invigorating sauna experience are as follows:

All of the natural essential oils stocked by UK Saunas have different health benefits to promote wellness during your sauna session. For example, eucalyptus is renowned for its natural stimulant properties, helping to energise and wake you, similarly to mint and lemon. 

Alternatively, lavender and orange are known for their calming and relaxing qualities, while pine and tea tree scents have anti-inflammatory effects.

If you would like to discuss the wellness properties of our oils and scents or anything regarding home saunas, you can contact our friendly staff at 01302 723142.


Natural essential oils are extracted from plants using a variety of methods, such as steam distillation, cold pressing, solvent extraction and CO2 extraction.

These oils are then used for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Perfumes

  • Cosmetics

  • Food flavourings

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Pharmaceutical use

Aromatherapy in a home sauna!

The health benefits of essential oils, when used for aromatherapy, are never-ending. Whether using lavender essential oils to help you sleep or eucalyptus essential oils for respiratory health, these sauna accessories are multi-functional in regards to wellness.

Yes! Essential oils, or Rento Sauna scents, can be used in a traditional sauna by using a ladle to pour the liquid over sauna stones. Alternatively, you can use essential oils in an infrared sauna by adding your product to a diffuser.

The best essential oil for your home sauna is dependent on the health benefits you require. Before adding our products to your shopping cart, you can view the properties of each oil and scent in the description at the bottom of the page. For example, our lavender essential oil has stress-fighting and antiseptic properties.

Of course! There are many sauna oils available on the market that we do not currently stock at UK Saunas

Scents such as grapefruit, arctic berries, tar, sandalwood and peppermint oil are very popular for aromatherapy use in home saunas, and can often be purchased collectively in gift sets - perfect for when you want to try something new!