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Home Infrared Sauna Collection

For exceptional indoor, outdoor and traditional saunas, take a look at our range of infrared saunas for your home.

Infrared saunas are known to deliver exceptional health benefits to the body. These saunas use light to make infrared heat, an alternative to traditional saunas that uses heat to warm the air. 

Every sauna you find on our site has everything you need to know, including full description, technical specifications and images to help you find what you need for your home. We have a range of one to four-person saunas units, perfect for those who want to relax solo, for couples and families. 

Let the infrared heat from our home saunas help you relax. Browse through our selection of indoor and outdoor saunas.

The Best Thing About Infrared Home Saunas

Infrared saunas bring lots of benefits to us. You can expect perks such as weight loss encouragement, cleaner skin and improved blood pressure when using a sauna, enhancing your experience. They also deliver heat using infrared light, making them eco-friendly.

A home sauna takes this to the next level, removing the inconvenience of going to wellness gyms or hotel steam rooms. A sauna built into your home means you can live an improved, healthy lifestyle without the hassle of going to another facility.

We’re more than just indoor saunas. We also offer outdoor saunas for your home, perfect for embracing traditional Finnish sauna heaters. 

Our home saunas can allow you to enjoy the benefits of infrared saunas right in the comfort of your own home.

 Home Infrared Sauna FAQs

What’s the point of having a home infrared sauna?

The point of having a home sauna is the convenience of having a relaxing sauna without the need of going to the gym or hotel. Infrared saunas are known to deliver long-lasting benefits to our bodies. A short steaming session can make you feel rested and relaxed, providing natural pain relief as well. Regular sauna use can It’s a reason why many gymgoers and athletes like to take a quick sauna session. For effective detoxification and cardiovascular benefits, our sauna models are the ideal choice.

Is an indoor sauna better than an outdoor sauna?

An indoor sauna is smaller than an outdoor sauna - indoor saunas can hold around 1 to 4 people, whilst outdoor saunas are typically more social saunas, holding 4 to 8 people. Otherwise, both sauna types are high-quality and can help with things such as chronic pains and blood circulation. Check out our selection above for more information on each of our sauna types.

What type of home sauna is good for me?

It depends on what type of home you have and how many people are currently living in it. If you want to have a social sauna experience when you invite friends and family over, then a 3-person or outdoor sauna might be the ideal choice. If, however, you want a more personal experience, then our 1-person sauna is the right option to choose. All saunas distribute optimised high-temperature heat, but If you’re still unsure, please have a browse at our selection, or contact us today for expert advice.

How can I get the most out of my sauna?

We recommend that you shower before and after using your home sauna. In most cases, for personal saunas, showering before you step into a sauna can make you sweat more rapidly than without doing so. The extra production of sweat can make you feel more refreshed, and can also help stimulate the blood flow throughout your body. For home saunas that can hold more than one person, try using scents or bath salts to enhance the experience for everyone.

How should I look after my indoor sauna?

After sauna bathing, cleaning and manual maintenance are essential for indoor and outdoor saunas. For basic preference, use a mixture of vinegar and water as a cleaning solution, and wipe down your sauna as thoroughly as you can. For a detailed guide on how to clean your sauna, check out our “No Sweat Guide To Cleaning Saunas” blog.

Are infrared saunas good to use all season?

Infrared saunas are usable for all seasons. Even in summertime, a 20-minute sauna session can still deliver its benefits to anyone who uses it. There will be certain seasons when saunas will be better used. For instance, if you want a more comfortable, relaxing session, then autumn and springtime are the ideal seasons to use your saunas due to lower temperatures. This does not mean that summer or springtime is a bad time to use them! As mentioned before, saunas will distribute their benefits regardless of what season you choose to use them. If you have any mild joint pain or want to boost your immune system, the infrared heaters from our saunas can help.

What makes our infrared saunas stand out?

If you’re looking for home saunas that are manufactured using durable Canadian Hemlock or Red Cedar wood, with options for Bluetooth radio and other great benefits, then our models are for you. There are lots of perks of having a far infrared sauna built right into your home. Whether you want to improve your weight loss or improve blood flow without increasing blood pressure, our saunas are for you. Detoxify your body with convenience and improve your well-being with our deluxe saunas today.