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UK Saunas retails sauna equipment, spares and parts for all of our infrared or traditional home sauna models. From aromatherapy tools to hygrometers and headrests, our sauna equipment helps to replicate the comfort of a commercial sauna - in the privacy of your own home!

Remember, your sauna will arrive equipped with all the necessary parts to start your journey - and our stainless steel electric sauna heater is an incredible steam generator, while our infrared sauna uses incredible chromatherapy lighting. While other manufacturer’s home saunas rely on DIY and complex wood-burning methods, these powerful heat sources will allow you to have an outstanding sauna experience with minimal effort - allowing you to truly enjoy the luxuries of your sauna. 

Combined with a control panel built into your sauna walls, we provide a significant amount of equipment compared to our competitors - our home saunas are ready for use as soon as they are installed!

You can reach our friendly team on 01302 630805 or leave a message on your comprehensive website on to enquire about the equipment pre-built into our home saunas, or to enquire about new products. 


There are several essential pieces of sauna equipment needed for a sauna to run at its best. 

These include sauna doors, a sauna light, sauna heaters and a sauna thermometer, also known as a hygrometer. Without these tools your sauna may lack functionality - for example, without a sauna heater such as an electric sauna heater or sauna stoves, your sauna will not work. 

Similarly, a hygrometer is an essential sauna control feature, as it is vital to ensure your sauna is at a reasonable temperature for use.

The saunas at UK Saunas are not only authentic, based on traditional Finnish saunas, but come complete with all the essential equipment needed to start reaping health benefits.

Saunas come in two styles: dry heat and steam. Dry heat saunas, or infrared saunas, use infrared rays to heat the air inside the room. Alternatively, steam saunas, also known as traditional saunas, use hot water to create steam, which then heats the air.

Both types of saunas work well at heating the body. However, they both require different equipment. A steam sauna requires a large amount of space and a lot of money to purchase all the necessary equipment. On the other hand, a dry heat sauna only needs a small area and less expensive equipment, so the style you pick may be dependent on your budget. 

Himalayan salt has been used for thousands of years to purify water and treat disease, and also helps reduce stress and increase energy levels. Many people use Himalayan salt in their saunas or steam room and notice increased perspiration for detoxification. Many also feel calmer after using the salt, as it purifies the air inside the enclosed space.

Sauna accessories are non-essential to the functioning of your sauna room and include things like towels, clothing, essential oils and other items that help you relax while using a sauna.

Alternatively, sauna equipment includes everything that you may require to aid your sauna to work properly - such as a headrest, an hourglass, a ladle, and other parts that help you use a sauna.

The sauna equipment you use may be specific to the style of sauna you purchase. For example, our barrel saunas, outdoor saunas and traditional saunas use an electronic sauna heater, while our infrared saunas use a special infrared light to provide the ultimate sauna experience.

As a result, the saunas that use an electronic sauna heater will require sauna stones and a water ladle to allow them to act as steam generators. For an infrared sauna, this equipment is not necessary, as your infrared light is what transforms your sauna cabin into a home sauna.

Both types of saunas can use sauna accessories, such as a headrest, sand timers or natural essential oils, such as eucalyptus, for aromatherapy. However, there might be slight differences in how you use these - for example, while you would add essential oils to your sauna stones in a sauna with an electric heater, an infrared sauna requires a diffuser for aromatherapy. 

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