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Two Person Infrared Saunas

A traditional steam sauna works by warming the air within the sauna to draw out impurities from the body. An infrared sauna, on the other hand, emits infrared rays that penetrate your skin by up to 45mm, heating your body directly. The benefits are generally the same no matter which type of sauna you choose; however, infrared saunas operate at lower temperatures and use less than half the kilowatts of a traditional sauna, making them cheaper and more environmentally friendly to run.


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Here at UK Saunas we specialise in infrared saunas, offering a wide variety of sizes and designs. Our 2 person saunas provide ample seating for two people, allowing you to share the sauna experience with a friend or loved one.

Key features:

  • Constructed from high-quality Red Cedar or Canadian Hemlock wood
  • Fitted with your choice of ceramic or carbon heaters
  • All saunas come with our 5-year guarantee which covers the replacement of all parts
  • Can be fitted with your choice of entertainment system, including CD radio or CD/DVD flat-screen monitor
  • Simple to build and assemble, and low running costs make them cost-effective to maintain
  • Other key features include toughened glass windows, oxygen ionizer, soft-touch controls, and reading and chromotherapy lighting

All of our products are manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen and are subject to strict quality control procedures before leaving our dedicated factory. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our comprehensive after-sales care.

Each of our 2 person saunas is individually produced to your specifications and can be delivered to you in approximately 12 weeks.

A Relaxing Sauna Experience

Create a relaxing space in your own home with our 2-person home saunas. We have a wide selection of saunas perfect for two people available below. 

Enjoy a sauna with friends or loved ones with a traditional Finnish steam built right into your home. Our infrared saunas are constructed with high-quality Red Cedar or Canadian Hemlock Wood, creating an outstanding sauna model with a clear finish, and fit for any home. Using chromotherapy lighting to enhance your sauna experience, our models are one of a kind.

Our 2-person saunas provide comfortable backrests for two people. So if you want to share a romantic sauna experience with your partner, or enjoy a steaming session with a friend, check out our home saunas below.

Our 2 Person Saunas Are Perfect For Friends And Couples

If you’re looking for a traditional steam sauna, our 2-person saunas are ideal if you want to share your newly-built sauna with another person.  

With rigorous quality assurance at our factory, we can ensure that our 2-person home saunas are perfect for those who want to enjoy them with someone else. A fantastic mix of high-quality materials, features and quality control means your purchase will be worth the cost. Like our other sauna models, our 2 person saunas are capable of helping with weight loss, blood dilation and muscle therapy using chromotherapy lighting and infrared heaters.

Infrared saunas also operate at lower temperatures, using less power and infrared heat than a traditional sauna model which makes them cheaper to run and environmentally friendly.  Each of our two-person saunas is individually produced to your specifications and can be delivered to you in approximately 12 weeks. 

For a sauna with the perfect temperature range, add our selection to your wish list today.


2-Person Home Sauna FAQs 

How big is your 2 person sauna?


Our 2-person sauna models occupy an average dimension of 1200mm x 1050mm x 1900mm high, with some variations depending on the model you choose to purchase. If you’re unsure whether these models can fit in your home, don’t worry. We can run you through the specifications, and whether we can fit an entire 2-person sauna anywhere in your home. Contact us today if you have any questions about our models, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to build your 2 person far infrared sauna?


You won’t need anything more than a few tools to build our 2 person saunas. Our DIY models are easy to build and will cost you nothing but the regular price of your chosen sauna model in your own home.

What should you wear in a 2 person sauna?


Wear something made of cotton (like a towel) to cover yourself. A loose cotton shirt can also work. As long as whatever you’re wearing isn’t absorbing too much of the infrared heat. However, you can enjoy the wellness benefits of an indoor sauna with just a towel around your body. Skin contact with the provided heat is crucial to let your home sauna work properly.

Can you stay longer in a 2 person sauna than in a 1 person model?


At UK Saunas, we always recommend staying no more than 25 minutes maximum (ideally staying at any sauna between 10-20 minutes, with an extra 5 minutes for those who want to relax longer if you have water to drink). Our 2-person sauna is no different, and we still recommend a maximum of 25 minutes. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of an infrared sauna without getting dehydrated.

Are infrared saunas loud?


The machinery in our sauna models is not loud, so you can enjoy conversations with your friend or loved one without worrying about loud noises. You can, however, add any entertainment system to bring some sound to your chosen 2-person sauna. You can fit a choice of entertainment systems such as Bluetooth speakers and radios to enhance your steaming experience.

How much can we customize our 2-person saunas?


You can customize some of our 2-person saunas, from their entertainment system to the heater and wood type. Not all of our saunas have the feature to be modified. So, if you’d like a sauna model that you can customize, take a look at our selection or contact us for advice.

Is it safe to use your sauna every day?


There has been a lot of evidence that using high-quality far infrared saunas can deliver exceptional health benefits. Using saunas after work or after a workout can help your muscles relax. With this in mind, there are no risks in using your 2 person sauna every day. We only recommend not staying for more than 20 minutes as you may experience dehydration or heatstroke from the infrared heat. If you’re wondering about the safety of our saunas, you have nothing to worry about. Fitted with safety glass doors, sturdy door handles and carbon heaters, our models are one of the most risk-free products worldwide.


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