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If you want a sauna tailor-made for personal relaxation, then our one-person infrared sauna selection is for you. Our personal saunas use optimised chromotherapy lighting to enhance your sauna experience. Check out our selection below.

You can enjoy your own private sauna right at your home. This means that if you want a more personalised experience, then these saunas are the ideal choice. Unlike other hotels and gyms that require you to share their sauna with other people, you can enjoy a relaxing time with no distractions and lots of benefits for chronic health.

For personal saunas with an easy control system and high-quality infrared heaters take a look at our selection below.

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Choose 1 Person Far Infrared Sauna Heaters For Your Relaxation

Unwind your troubles with your personal one-person sauna. 

These private home saunas are perfect if you want to enjoy an outstanding spa experience. As an owner of UK Sauna’s bespoke 1-person sauna, you’ll have access to a refreshing steam session in the comfort of your own home. Our saunas come with a choice of Red Cedar or Canadian Hemlock wood, tailoring their design to your preference.

So if you want help with weight loss or simply wish to detox after a long day, then add our 1 person saunas onto your wishlist today.

Why Choose Our 1-Person Infrared Sauna?

Our saunas are made direct from our dedicated factory, using the highest quality materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques that allow us to deliver exceptional saunas to our customers. Using special heating technology and chromotherapy lighting.

You can also rest assured that our saunas are durable due to their safety glass doors, and easy-to-navigate digital control panels.

Enhance your sauna experience with aromatherapy, using our great selection of oils and scents! We also have other sauna equipment to give you a traditional sauna experience. Detoxification is just one of the many health benefits you can enjoy with our personal indoor saunas.

Look after your wellness lifestyle with our stainless steel sauna models. Reap the benefits of our 1-person sauna straight from your home.

1 Person Infrared Sauna FAQs


Does a sauna for one person use lots of power?

The amount of power a one-person sauna uses will depend on how often you want to use it. A 1-person small sauna model can use around 8-10 kWh a week when you use it every weekday. Overall, as long as you don’t keep your 1-person sauna running, our models will not use an overwhelming amount of power. Additional features such as Bluetooth speakers built into your sauna may use slightly more power. Our personal saunas use an average of 1250 Watts, and 230VAC for volts.

How much weight can your 1-person sauna hold?

There is no set weight limit that our 1-person sauna models can hold. It is recommended, however, that only one person goes into the model after every use. These saunas are designed to hold one person only. This will ensure the heat is distributed evenly, and the infrared heat can do its job effectively for the user.

How long should I use your personal indoor sauna per day?

10 to 20 minutes is the ideal time to stay in any sauna. The longer you stay in the sauna, the more risk of dehydration you give yourself. A general rule of thumb is - once you feel hot enough, leave the sauna. This way, you can enjoy the perks that the model can deliver while staying safe. If you want to stay longer, please bring a bottle of water with you, and stay no longer than 25 minutes! If you’re interested, we also offer outdoor sauna models for anyone that wants a sauna with an outdoor view.

What’s the best way to clean my 1-person sauna?

The best way to clean a 1-person sauna is to use a towel and a mixture of vinegar and water as a cleaning solution. Gently wipe down your sauna model using this method. This includes the infrared heaters, control panel, and backrest. Because a 1-person sauna model is significantly smaller than a traditional one, it’s slightly easier to clean the entire machine. Here’s a detailed sauna cleaning blog if you need any help!

Is it easy to build your 1 person saunas?

Yes! You can create our saunas right at your home with easy assembly instructions. No certificate is needed to build these models, just a simple DIY mindset and a few tools. If you’re having trouble or aren’t confident in building our sauna models, no problem. Contact us to get help. Alternatively, you can use our “How To Build Your Aspen Infrared Sauna” guide to help you out.


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