The UK’s Most Calorie-Burning Theme Parks

uk's most calorie burning theme parks

Did you become a running fanatic during lockdown or did you use the time to slow down and pick up a relaxing hobby? Whether or not you fell into the fitness fanatic category during lockdown, with places gradually starting to open up, now is the perfect time to get outside and be more active.

What better way to get your step count up than a fun trip to a theme park? With several of these opening to the public once again, you can enjoy a day out with your friends and family, with plenty of walking around, rides and doughnuts involved (it’s all about balance!)

We’ve looked at the top-rated theme parks in the UK and have calculated how many calories it would burn to conquer just one lap.

The Results

calorie burning theme parks uk saunas

Our data has found that Alton Towers takes the top spot with the most calories you can burn after one lap.

results graph

1. Alton Towers

alton towers


Alton Towers boasts a massive 370 hectares of amusements for you to enjoy and comes out on top with 315 calories burned from one lap around the theme park. Home to famous rollercoasters like the Oblivion and Nemesis, you can get your adrenaline fix whilst getting a 3.5 mile walk in.

2. Thorpe Park
thorpe park

In second place with an average 144 calories burned from one lap around the theme parks is Thorpe Park in Surrey.

Thorpe Park is home to Stealth, the UK’s fastest roller coaster so it’s another great theme park for thrill seekers and anyone looking to get those steps in.

3. Drayton Manor

drayton manor

One lap around Drayton Manor with a normal paced walk would burn an average of around 135 calories – which is roughly the equivalent of a packet of crisps.

4. Legoland Windsor Resort

legoland windsor

Fourth place goes to Legoland, where one lap around the theme park will allow you to burn 126 calories. Legoland is an ideal day out for the little ones, so if you’re looking for something fun for the kids to do, this might just be the place for you to squeeze in a leisurely walk whilst keeping fit.

5. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

blackpool pleasure beach

Home to one of the UK’s most beloved beaches, Blackpool Pleasure Beach attracts millions of visitors every year, whether it’s for a ramble down the beach or to sample some Blackpool rock. A lap around the entire theme park will allow you to burn 117 calories, and puts this theme park in a respectable fifth place.

6. Flamingo Land and Chessington World of Adventures

flamingo land

In joint sixth place, a lap around Flamingo Land in Malton and Chessington in Surrey will let you burn around 108 calories each. Flamingo Land is based not far from the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside so there’s plenty of stunning views to take in on your journey there as a bonus. 


If you’re based near London, then Chessington World of Adventures is nearby and like Flamingo Land it also has a variety of rides along with a zoo park – perfect for all ages.

7. Gullivers World

gullivers world

Last but certainly not least, you can still burn a decent amount of calories with a lap around Gullivers World. Coming in at around an average of 88 calories burned, the distance around the whole theme park is around just over a mile, so it’s an easy-going option (and family-friendly, too!)

So, which theme park will you put yourself up against? Whichever one you go for, if you find that you are feeling achy and sore afterwards, try a cold bath or step into a sauna – sauna heat therapy has been shown to help reduce minor aches and pains, and you can read about how it helped Tom manage his arthritis here!


  • We used Tripadvisor ratings to gather our list of theme parks based on the highest rated in the UK.
  • Google maps was used to calculate the distance in miles and time in minutes that it would take to do one lap around a theme park.
  • To calculate the calories burned, we took the average weight of men and women in the UK and used this tool. Taking into consideration the distance of one lap and the time it takes, an approximate calorie measurement is then presented.
  • All calorie figures are based on someone between weighing 70-83kg walking at a normal pace, which is 4 minutes for every mile. These figures may differ depending on your weight.

All images courtesy of Shutterstock.