Infrared Light for Chronic Health Problems

infrared light use for chronic pain relief

Infrared sauna treatment is a form of natural therapy which many people use to alleviate the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Some of our past clients have claimed that pain relief is ‘virtually instant’, and this form of treatment has even been used by superstars such as Lady Gaga to help fight off the physical and mental toll chronic pain can have on the body. But while Lady Gaga may have sworn by infrared sauna sessions to fight the pain of fibromyalgia, does this mean it really works?

We recently gathered the findings of a number of studies which examined the effectiveness of infrared light on chronic illnesses. Many of these studies found that patients observed reduced perceived pain, depression and anger scores were lowered are regular treatment could help stabilise these results for more long-term benefits. You can find an in-depth examination of these results in our blog post on sauna benefits for chronic illness.

Using the results of this study, we created this infographic so that those wondering how sauna use could help them fight the symptoms of chronic pain and what to watch out for with regular sauna use. Although almost every study we researched showed that there were no adverse effects from infrared sauna use, one study on its effect on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients showed that subjects with MS had reduced processing times and reactions after using a sauna, suggesting that intense heat can negatively affect the brain functions of MS sufferers. This effect only lasted for around an hour after the sauna, meaning those with MS can still use saunas if they use them considerately.

Although there are no cures for this group of illnesses, those affected my find infrared saunas provide a little relief from the daily troubles of their condition.

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