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Ceramic Vs Carbon heaters

We are often asked what is the difference between ceramic and carbon heaters? so in the next few paragraphs we will explain the differences.

Ceramic infrared heaters

Ceramic infrared heaters are hollow rods that measure 650mm long and are 15mm in diameter and inside the rod is the heating element wound around a glass tube. The ceramic tube heats up and emits far infrared rays as explained in our section Why Infrared. These tubes are strategically located around the cabin to ensure that the user is heated from all sides. The benefits of ceramic heaters are they are reliable, cost effective and easily replaced should one ever fail

Carbon infrared heaters

Carbon heaters are large flat panels varying in size from 900mm by 100mm up to 1000mm by 600mm. these panels have a coating of minute carbon particles which is how the infrared heat is created. These panels have a much larger surface area than the ceramic heaters so cover a large area of the cabin. The benefits of carbon heaters are with the large surface area they produce a much more even heat, they heat up fast, they are very reliable (we guarantee them for 5 years) and eliminate hot and cold spots in the cabin.

Now you know the difference between the heaters, take alook at the Infrared Sauna Benefits.