UK Wellness Report

Wellness is a multibillion dollar industry worldwide, with everybody from Gwyneth Paltrow to Lily Allen promoting the value of mental, physical and interpersonal wellbeing.

At UK Saunas, we are staunch advocates for all types of wellness so we've taken a deep dive into the data, examining thousands of listings for therapists, gyms and spas, along with a huge range of wellness signifiers to find out which cities in the UK value their inhabitants' wellness the most.

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Give Something Special for Mother’s Day: 11 Different Oils for Enhancing Positive Moods

The Power of Aromatherapy (Mother's Day Edition!): 11 Essential Oils For Positive Feelings

In our last post, we outlined the romantic benefits of essential oils, appropriate for Valentine's Day, and the associated "moods"  produced from each oil when used correctly within aromatherapy.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio, from Pexels

We wanted to expand on the last list due to the advantageous power of the essential oils for a variety of people, going further than simple romantic feelings! 

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UK Saunas: Sauna and Natural Ingredients for Clear Skin

Acquiring clear skin can be a difficult goal to accomplish, but there are tips online to help your skin routine, including saunas and natural ingredients for clear skin!

Simple moisturizers can be beneficial for skincare, but what most don't know are the chemical attributes implemented within them, and that's why using natural ingredients and saunas are a key utility for maintaining clearer skin.

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The UK’s Most Calorie-Burning Theme Parks

Did you become a running fanatic during lockdown or did you use the time to slow down and pick up a relaxing hobby? Whether or not you fell into the fitness fanatic category during lockdown, with places gradually starting to open up, now is the perfect time to get outside and be more active.

What better way to get your step count up than a fun trip to a theme park? With several of these opening to the public once again, you can enjoy a day out with your friends and family, with plenty of walking around, rides and doughnuts involved (it’s all about balance!) Continue reading “The UK’s Most Calorie-Burning Theme Parks”

Managing Stress at Home: Tips & Tricks From The Experts

The COVID-19 crisis has in many ways led to a dramatic overhaul in our day to day lives. Old routines have now been replaced with new and more cautious ones. A year ago, nobody had heard of the now-popular phrase known as ‘social distancing’, which has recently become the norm in an effort to try to save lives.

We have spoken to the experts on simple yet effective ways to manage stress at home without spending a penny. From tips on mindfulness and health advice, to apps you can download, you can find them all in this helpful guide. Continue reading “Managing Stress at Home: Tips & Tricks From The Experts”

The No-Sweat Guide to Cleaning Saunas

Cleaning your sauna might not be on top of your list of priorities, but there are reasons why you need to do it often. Whilst a deep clean isn't required every time you use it, making sure you are keeping up with the general maintenance and hygiene of your sauna is key.

The combination of heat and moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, which isn't exactly what you want to imagine when you are trying to unwind, but cleaning it doesn't involve a lot of hard work.

Our guide to cleaning saunas will give you the low-down on maintenance tips, hacks, how often to clean your sauna and how to care for various parts.

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Sauna Benefits for Chronic Health Problems

We at UK Saunas believe in the wonderful power of saunas to ease the troubles of a great deal of issues that many of our clients seek our help with. Far infrared sauna therapy has a number of natural health benefits which include improved cardiovascular health and detoxification. But how can regular sauna use benefit people with chronic health conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis (MS)?

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