‘Lose the Wait, Lose the Weight’ Sauna Infographic

In our busy modern lives, it can feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day, often meaning we neglect the more important aspects of our life including our own health and wellbeing.

We need a way to get healthy and in shape that is quick, efficient, but most importantly, actually works.

How about something that can burn over 500+ calories in 30 minutes, then? How about a method that can help you actually cope with the stress that we mentioned above? All while improving your skin, blood pressure and circulation?

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The Ultimate Guide to Salt Therapy Benefits (Updated)

Editors note: This article was recently updated so the information provided represents the latest and most accurate findings, as of July 2018.

Terms like ‘trend’ and ‘fad’ paint the picture of something dishonest or ephemeral;  rooted in myth and important for a few seconds in the grand scheme of things, only to turn irrelevant all but immediately after.

With hard science to back it up and a history of positive results dating as far back as the teachings of Hippocrates, to call the benefits of salt therapy anything but the real deal is to show you don’t really know much about salt therapy at all.

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18 (Scientifically Proven!) Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

Infrared sauna benefits are numerous and proven, but many people outside of the sauna scene still aren't aware of them. This is why we decided to write this list and support each point with explanations or proof, because we value our readers and - well, because we can support each point with explanations or proof.

For the unaware, an infrared sauna (also referred to as a far infrared sauna) uses heaters to emit infrared waves which penetrate our bodies. We then experience this as radiant heat, which is absorbed by the surface of our skin and activates our sweat glands.

When these far infrared waves collide with the water inside us all, the H2O molecules vibrate and kick-start some of the benefits you'll learn about below. This is partly why far infrared saunas are seen as more efficient than traditional saunas by some, which heat the body slower using more conventional methods of conduction and convection. However, peoples favourite type of sauna often comes down to just a matter of opinion.

Now, shall we find out more about these far infrared sauna benefits?

Choose from the list below or simply scroll through:

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15 Sauna Tips to Revolutionise Your Sessions

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a sauna at home. This means that if you’re paying hard earned money to spend time in one, you’ll want to get as much bang for your buck as possible; not to mention that you’ll want as many of those detoxifying sauna benefits that come with it, too. No matter the type you use – although we do love an infrared sauna – you can follow these sauna tips and tricks to get the most out of your sessions.

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Infrared Sauna Infographic: “Go Ga Ga Over Infrared”

We hear about the benefits of Infra Red Saunas all the time but what makes them different and so beneficial to your health

Some of the benefits might sound too good to be true, but the effects of infrared sauna use have been supported by scientists for years. During the experience, infrared heat and light is used to warm our skin and body, which raises the bodies temperature and causes sweating faster than a traditional sauna or spa session may.

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The amazing detoxifying benefits of infrared saunas

Now that January has hit, and we no longer have Christmas festivities to brighten these dreary winter days, we need something new to give us our sparkle. No doubt most of us are feeling pretty sluggish and not our fittest and healthiest selves after several weeks of indulgent parties, dinners and nights out, never mind the endless supply of office chocolate within arm’s reach of your desk…

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Infrared Saunas: The Growing Health Craze (Infographic)

In short, an infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light which our bodies then experience as radiant heat, which is absorbed by the surface of our skin.

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